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In Oliva del Sur you can buy premium olive oil with the guarantee that you are acquiring a quality product.

Whether you are one of those who prefers olive oils with stronger flavors of spicy touches, or if you are one of those who enjoy olive oils with more herbal aromas, surely among our gourmet olive oils you will find the premium olive oil that suits your tastes.

Are you one of those who values ​​good taste and likes to enrich your dishes with the best ingredients? Then look at the options we have in stock for you


Buy Frantoio Olive Oil

Find the best quality Frantoio Olive Oil at our online shop Oliva del Sur. We provide you with the widest variety of extra virgin olive oil from the most exquisite brands. Enjoy the real taste of Frantoio Olive Oil and experience its finest flavour.

There are thousands of types of premium extra virgin olive oil. We strive to provide our clients the best selection and find the most special tastes in the market. If you are looking for a special type of olive oil, then you might always find it at our stock.

More about Frantoio Olive Oil

The olive tree from which the Frantoio olives are harvest is not so common in Spain, and therefore, most of the Frantoio Olive Oil comes from Italy. There it grows much more easily because the temperature and climate conditions are more favorable to its harvesting.

In Spain there is only a small percentage of places where it can be produced. Here in Oliva del Sur we have arrange the most popular Spanish brands to offer you the best quality premium olive oil.

One of the best Frantoio Olive Oil brands in Spain is Oleícola Jaen. They are well known because of the excellence of their products and the great variety they offer in other types of olive oils.

Extra Virgin Frantoio Olive Oil Properties

There are different kinds of Frantoio Olive Oils. In Jaen, Spain, they also produce what is known as Melgarejo Frantoio. It is a very special kind of olive oil because its production is quite limited, and it is made under demand. It is even packed in black bottles so they can protect the oil from solar exposition.

Frantoio Olive Oil has natural antioxidants that reduce aging and help to prevent cancer or cardiological diseases. It is a hearty complement that you can add daily to your menu to get that extra touch in all your dishes at the same time that you take care of your health.

When can you use Frantoio Olive Oil?

Frantoio Olive Oil has a special flavour, said to be fruity and spicy at the same time. Its more typically consumed raw and will enhance the taste of all the recipes you may prepare with it.

We recommend you use it in your pasta courses. It goes well with it; it is healthy and will revolutionise your taste buds. Another suggestion we may give you is to season fish with it.

Do you like the sound of it? Then check out our wide offer on Frantoio Olive Oil and find the one you are searching for. It does not matter what you choose, in Oliva del Sur premium quality is guaranteed in all our selection of olive oil.

Buy Manzanilla Olive Oil

Explore our range of Extra Virgin Manzanilla Olive Oil. Here you will find only the most exquisite and unique brands. Taste and experience the singularity of this olive oil thanks to Oliva del Sur.

It is considered one of the finest olive oils that we produce at Spain and it is highly appreciated among the biggest lovers of EVOO. However, despite is great quality, it might not be as popular as another Spanish premium olive oils. We provide you with the opportunity to try it for yourself.

Picual Spain Extra...

In Oliva del Sur you will find a wide variety of olive oil originated from Spain with the special touch of our quality guarantee. Here you can choose among the many different Picual Olive Oils that we have in store for you.

When purchasing any kind of olive oil with us, you will know that the finest taste is assured. Only in few seconds, the most exquisite Picual olive oil will be on its way to your home. If you believe both in good taste and refinement, Oliva del Sur is perfect for you.

Arbequina Olive Oil

Arbequina olive oil has some unique characteristics that will revolutionise the way you cook and use olive oil. Its properties have been proven to be special and they will take your recipes up to the next level.

If you are looking for buying the best Arbequina olive oil, you can find in our online shop all sorts of it.

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the ancient olive trees of the Sevillian farm Santa María de Las Lomas. Is unique due to its Manzanilla olive-variety and selection, which is very limited, as the major part of the harvest is intended for the production of fine table olives. Manzanillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the extra virgin oils with more favourable organoleptic qualities.

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the ancient olive trees of the Sevillian farm Santa María de Las Lomas. Is unique due to its...

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What are the premium olive oils you can buy?

At Oliva del Sur we select top quality olive oils that will delight the most demanding palates. Depending on the kind of olive that is used to produce different types of oils. Each of them has a special taste and unique properties that will revolutionise your taste buds.

In Spain there are three varieties that stand out above the rest:

Picual premium olive oil: the favourite of those who bet on an authentic flavour

The Picual olive oil always stands out among the other varieties of olive oil due to their quality. Its cultivation is very widespread in areas such as Jaén, Córdoba and Granada, known to produce some of the best olive oils in Spain.

The flavour of these powerful olive oils is characterized by having a taste of bitterness and itchiness. In addition, its herbal notes of fig and tomato make them unmistakable olive oils.

It is perfect to reuse more than one time when preparing fried meals since it takes longer to break down than other cooking oils. It can also be added to salads or be the nice touch at your toasts.

Arbequina olive oil: the lightest premium olive oil

If you are one of those who prefer lighter and more herbal flavours, you should definitely try these premium arbequina olive oils. We have selected only the best so we offer our clients the most refined products.

This oil is characterized by its sweet taste, so it does not have any bitter aftertaste.

If there is something that stands out about arbequina olive oil it is its fruity and herbal aroma, ideal for cooking soft sauces in which we do not want the taste of the olive oil to predominate.

Hojiblanca olive oil: the all-rounder of premium olive oils

For those who want to buy a premium olive oil that is suitable for frying and at the same time for consuming raw, the safest bet is hojiblanca olive oil.

Its herbal and fruity notes give these oils a characteristic flavour that does not leave you indifferent and has its faithful followers.

Explore all our different subcategories and find the premium olive oil that suits you at best. We are proud to show you our wide range of products and olive oils, do not miss the opportunity to try something different or to surprise someone with a special gift.