When we talk about pairing, we refer to the combination of oil with other foods, with which foods better combine certain oils, depending on the characteristics of each one. We want to give you just a few brushstrokes since in Olivadelsur we believe that the best thing is for each person to experience these combinations on their own, since it is the best way to learn and also everyone has their personal tastes in the kitchen.

Olive oil blends


-Oils fruity soft and light bitter and spicy: are recommended oils to smooth textures, enhance scents and provide freshness, they could be used in the preparation of simple as rice, pasta, fish and meat dishes.

-Oils fruity intense and light bitter and spicy: he oils that can be used for all kinds of dishes, both are simple that will bring new textures such as greater processing dishes to balance flavors.

-Oils bitterness deep and intense fruity and spicy: are recommended oils to enhance aromas, create new textures and experience giving your own personality to your dishes. They may be used therefore for greater processing dishes such as stews, stews, risottos, meats, fried foods, sauces or pastes, vegetables and salads.