Picual Spain Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

In Oliva del Sur you will find a wide variety of olive oil originated from Spain with the special touch of our quality guarantee. Here you can choose among the many different Picual Olive Oils that we have in store for you.

When purchasing any kind of olive oil with us, you will know that the finest taste is assured. Only in few seconds, the most exquisite Picual olive oil will be on its way to your home. If you believe both in good taste and refinement, Oliva del Sur is perfect for you.

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Organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of picual variety from family farm "Pozo Blanco" in Sierra Mágina (Jaén). A special spot that gives each campaign a unique fruit with a lot of personality, thanks to the soil and climate of this area, and its pampered elaboration.

Organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil of picual variety from family farm "Pozo Blanco" in Sierra Mágina (Jaén). A special spot that gives each...

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Premium extra virgin olive oil, picual early harvest.

Premium extra virgin olive oil, picual early harvest.

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Picual Olive Oil Properties

This type of olive oil is known for its unique and fine properties. It will elevate and enhance the flavours of any recipe you may prepare, and it will give it the special savour you are looking for in your cuisine.

The most characteristic feature about Picual Olive Oil is in its deep green yellowish colour due to the olive that it is made of. Its special composition also makes this type of olive oil very beneficial for your health.

Picual olive oil has a high polyphenol content, which can help with digestion and prevent brain diseases and protect you from heart issues. Also, it has been proven that its antioxidants can reduce the aging of the skin.

On the other side, its high composition on oleic acid is very good for your health and it results very helpful against cardiovascular diseases. Lastly, it has a low amount of linoleic acid, only available through external food intake.

How to use Picual Olive Oil?

Picual Olive Oil can be used in many ways and there are several applications that you can employ that will transform and enhance the flavours of any course you may prepare.

It is commonly used as an alternative of frying oil since it has many benefits for your health and it takes longer time to break down than other oils, which also means that it can be reused more than once. 

Picual olive oil can be the ideal ingredient to add to your toasts or salads resulting in flavoury and original dishes. Enjoy its fruity and singular taste next to your favourite cold recipes while you take care of your body.

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In Oliva del Sur we try to select only the best types of olive oil to provide our clients the finest products. When purchasing Picual Olive Oil at our online shop, you will be granted the highest quality.

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