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To buy Spanish olive oil online in Oliva del Sur is a guarantee of good quality and refined taste. Here we put at your disposal a great variety of Spanish olive oil, produced at the best farms of the country, and distributed by the most prestigious brands.

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Early harvest extra virgin olive oil obtained from picual olives, only by mechanical means and...

Early harvest extra virgin olive oil obtained from picual olives, only by mechanical means and...

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Why you should buy Spanish olive oil online?

Spain is the world leader in the quality and quantity of olive oils produced and commercialized. In order to be considered an extra virgin olive oil, first, it must be virgin olive oil, that is to say, that has been obtained exclusively in conditions that do not produce the alteration of the oil and that there has not had any more treatment than the wash, the decantation, the centrifugation and the leaked one.

In addition, to be an extra virgin olive oil, it must reflect the aromas and own flavors of the fruit from which it comes and must have a level of oleic acid that does not overcome 1,5 °. Extra virgin olive oil, as a natural product, is a direct reflection of the olive variety, the olive grove location, the date of harvest, and the climate.

Buy Spanish extra virgin olive oil: curious facts

The biggest Spanish olive oil producer is Andalusia, and this region is widely known because of the quality of their olive oil and the special taste they add to it. Some of the most famous places are Jaen, Málaga or Córdoba. However, there are other regions where they manufacture unique olive oil like in Tarragona or Toledo.

As a curious piece of information, olive cultivation is one of the oldest in History. It is said to start at 5000 – 3.500 b. C. It has always been a part of Spanish culture and we are proud to share it with all our clients.

Best Spanish olive oils: from the olive oil mill to your home

Oliva del Sur is an extra virgin olive oil shop where you can buy Spanish olive oil from all regions, varieties, and prices. Discover in our shop online, the best Spanish olive oil! We have prepared a wide range, so you get to select the one that suits your taste at best.

There are different sizes and formats depending on what you are looking for. Our options vary from 500 ml bottles to cans of 5 L. What are you exactly looking for? Are you looking forward to buying Spanish extra virgin olive oil online but do not know what to choose?

Thanks to our web page, you can choose the origin of the Spanish extra virgin olive oil you want to buy and also its variety. For example, our most popular options are Arbequina, Cornicabra, Hojiblanca or Picual olive oil.