List of products by brand Aceite Oleocampo

Oleocampo olive oil comes from one of the largest oil producing cooperatives in Jaén. Its oil production, following the traditional guidelines of olive cultivation, brings to the market an extra Premium oil that is perfect for all your meals.

Next, we leave you all the varieties of oil that you will find from this prestigious cooperative.

Characteristics of Oleocampo Olive Oil

Oleocampo olive oil has been able to develop the different varieties of oil from Jaén, adapting to the needs of the olive-growing public and using a design container that reflects the importance of taking care of the small details.

To obtain the best extra virgin olive oil we must take into account a series of factors linked to each other, from the way in which we harvest the olives to the use in our day-to-day cooking.

Oleocampo olive oil stands out for the importance of the small details in its cultivation and treatment of the olives, using only the highest quality ones processed through meticulous work carried out by the best specialists.

Offering the best products since 1994, this cooperative began with three oil mills in Santa Catalina, Bartolomé and La Unión, both in the municipality of TorredelCampo.

Small groups of olive growers who shared the same passion and the same way of understanding their work

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Oleocampo Olive Oil: Best-selling products

Oleocampo offers the best oils from Jaén encompassing the most select variants on the market: Gourmet Oil, organic, classic production or Premium quality. Below you will find a list of the best-selling Oleocampo oil products

- Olecoampo Premium Limited Edition: Its minimalist design makes it the perfect gift for anyone who loves liquid gold

- Oleoperlas Premium: New ways of understanding cuisine and the importance of a gourmet tasting have brought new forms of presentation that are having great acceptance in the culinary market

- Esencia del sur: The olive growing tradition is perfectly embodied in the traditional and comfortable 5-liter containers in boxes of 4 units, perfect for your day-to-day

Essence of the South collected by the hands of true professionals. Let your palate choose which of these magnificent varieties will delight your senses.