Arbequina Olive Oil  

Arbequina olive oil has some unique characteristics that will revolutionise the way you cook and use olive oil. Its properties have been proven to be special and they will take your recipes up to the next level.

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Extra virgin olive oil made 100% from the arbequina olive variety. Is more mature oil than the...

Extra virgin olive oil made 100% from the arbequina olive variety. Is more mature oil than the...

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Arbequina Olive Oil Properties

This olive oil is typical from the region of Lerida and Tarragona, but lately its fabrication has also become popular in other parts of Spain like Andalusia and Castilla La Mancha.

The greatest characteristic of Arbequina Olive Oil is its sweet and fresh taste. It does not leave any trace of sourness and has a different and delicate composition due to its oxidation, which makes its process of preservation even more exclusive.

Arbequina olive oil comes from the Arbequina olive, a small olive that, despite its small size, it can produce even more oil than other type of olives because its greasy composition.  

When appreciating its inimitable aroma, you will be able to note its fruity and peculiar smell, which is said to be like banana or apple. Its high level of polyunsaturated acids makes it more unstable and better for your health. 

If you have problems with cholesterol and you would like to start taking care of yourself, then Arbequina could be the best alternative for you. It has a higher percentage of oleic acid helps regulate the mismatch between high bad cholesterol and good cholesterol.

Arbequina Olive Oil composition

Depending on where the olive oil is cultivated, it will have a different composition. It will also depend on the time of its harvest and the climatic conditions during the process. However, the normal values of this type of olive oil are the following:

  • Oleic Acid: 60% - 75%
  •  Palmitic Acid: 11% - 17%
  •  Linoleic Acid: 9% - 16%.

How can you use Arbequina Olive Oil?

Because of its sweet and soft taste, it has even more applications than normal olive oil and can be used in many different recipes. Normally, it is more employed when preparing sauces such as mayonnaise, but it is also very common during the elaboration of pastries and desserts.

We also recommend you adding it your salad if you are not a fan of the strong taste of normal olive oil. It will give it that extra touch that you are longing for in your recipes and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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