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Explore our range of Extra Virgin Manzanilla Olive Oil. Here you will find only the most exquisite and unique brands. Taste and experience the singularity of this olive oil thanks to Oliva del Sur.

It is considered one of the finest olive oils that we produce at Spain and it is highly appreciated among the biggest lovers of EVOO. However, despite is great quality, it might not be as popular as another Spanish premium olive oils. We provide you with the opportunity to try it for yourself.

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the ancient olive trees of the Sevillian farm Santa...

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from the ancient olive trees of the Sevillian farm Santa...

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About Manzanilla Olive Oil


Manzanilla Olive Oil is made with a singular type of olive that is not so commonly used for elaborating olive oil but is more popular as an appetizer because it has a lower capacity to produce oil. This might be one of the reasons why it is not so popular as others. However, it makes it even more exceptional and exclusive. 

It is produced at the south region of Spain, Andalusia. Overall, its main manufacturing comes from the provinces of Huelva and Sevilla. They are the principal producers of Manzanilla Olive Oil and always provide the best selection of olives in their harvest.

Manzanilla has become highly popular outside Spain. Some countries such as the United States, Israel, Portugal or Australia have started to harvest their own olive trees. They easily adapt to poor soil and are resistant to fungi and the olive fly.

Extra Virgin Manzanilla Olive Oil Properties


Depending on the kind of olive they use to produce de EVOO, it will have a different taste and it could be added to different types of recipes and food. Some of them are sweeter while other olive oils might have a stronger flavour.

One of the main characteristics of Manzanilla Olive Oil is its rare aroma and, when it comes to taste, some have described it as the perfect balance between sour, sweet and spicy flavours. If you are looking for an intense taste and you like strong olive oils, this is the one for you.

What courses can you prepare with Manzanilla Olive Oil?


Choosing the right olive oil for the right meal sometimes can be difficult. Here in Oliva del Sur there is a great variety of different EVOO’s that can adapt and adjust to any preferences. Hojiblanca Olive Oil does not taste the same as Arbequina, for example.

Manzanilla Olive Oil has a strong taste, so you can combine it with your favourite recipes to enhance their taste and provide it with the extra touch that you are looking for.   

Some of the best combinations might be baked fish, vegetables, or soups. It goes well with salty breakfast recipes such as toasts or maybe even with some savioury cheese.

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Here in Oliva del Sur we want to give the best quality olive oil in the market. Thanks to our wide variety, we can provide our clients with the greatest range of products.

Explore all the options of olive oil  we have in store for you and choose the one that suits you at best.