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Are you thinking of buying coupage olive oil? It is undoubtedly a wonderful option for those who bet on premium oils with personality that mark a different touch in each of your recipes.

Unlike other olive oils such as picual oil or arbequina oil, those who choose to buy coupage olive oil have a wide range of flavors to choose from.

The reason for this versatility within the coupage aoves is that the combination of the different varieties of olives is a whole world and can be done in different ways and in different proportions. Therefore, we can say that buying coupage olive oil is betting on a unique extra virgin olive oil.

What are the advantages of buying coupage olive oil?

Although a priori it seems that monovarietal oils are of the highest quality, in reality there are excellent coupage EVOOs that can even be adapted more to our tastes than any other type that is obtained from a single variety of olive.

For this reason, there are not a few oil mills that are committed to this type of oil, since they present clear advantages to the consumer that we expose below.

  •  Buying coupage olive oils is ideal for those who want different oils with an original touch compared to other olive oils.
  •  It is an ideal way for oil mills to ensure the consumer the same organoleptic properties year after year.
  •  Each coupage olive oil can guarantee the consumer its own flavor.

What is the secret of making olive oil coupage?

Before deciding to buy coupage olive oil, we are sure that you will be wondering how it is made.

It is in the milling when different types of olives are combined in different proportions in order to obtain a unique extra virgin olive oil.

The complexity of this process is due to the fact that there cannot be any type of alteration in the proportion of each type of olive, since the result would then be very different.

Why buy coupage olive oil in Oliva del Sur?

At Oliva del Sur we have extensive experience as an online store of the best quality olive oils, among which we are sure you will find your favourite.

Within our catalog we have different options to buy coupage olive oil: from the mildest to aoves with a slight spicy touch for lovers of intense flavors.

Have you decided to buy coupage olive oil? Look at the wide range of aoves that we can offer you.