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The organic extra virgin olive oil at Oliva del Sur is striving for quality and good taste. Find a great variety of some of the best brands of olive oil in Spain, the biggest country on olive oil production. Here you have a selection of the best organic Spanish olive oil.

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The best organic olive oil online

The organic extra virgin olive oil comes from 100% organic farming, which means that organic fertilizers are used added to a minimum tillage. Its purpose is to avoid erosion by enriching it naturally, without using chemicals or pesticides.

To produce organic extra virgin olive oil, the olives must be healthy and at their optimum ripeness. In the olive oil mill, mechanical procedures or physical means are used, which do not produce olive oil alteration. The olives must be processed the same day of their collection. Are you one of those who opt for organic food?

When you buy out organic extra virgin olive oil online in our shop, you will know that all our organic olive oil selection has been produced taking into consideration the environment and looking for the best results.

Buy organic olive oil online at Oliva del Sur

Our team of experts always works to offer the widest range so you can find the best Spanish Olive Oils at our shop. In Oliva del Sur we sell the best quality olive oil in the market thanks to our big commitment with some of the most prestigious Spanish olive oil providers.

Enjoy the easiness of having all these options at the reach of your hand. With one single click, our clients can choose the kind or organic extra virgin olive oil that they prefer. Compare, explore, and experience every single one of our products from the comfort of your home.

There are different sizes and formats available. Our clients can opt from bottles of 500 ml until great boxes and formats that reach the 5 L. Some of the olive varieties we work with include arbequina, hojiblanca, picual or manzanilla.

Why you should choose our organic extra virgin olive oil?

Spanish olive oil is known to have numerous benefits for our health and it is also one of the best alternatives of oil for cooking or food preparing. If you decide to buy organic olive oil online at Oliva del Sur, you will be also choosing to take care of your body. 

Some of its properties include antioxidants that help you from cell damage and slow down the aging process. Also, organic extra virgin olive oil is compound by a 70% of monosaturated fats, the kind of fats that are good for your heart health.

We guarantee you the quality of our organic olive oils, and that each of our products are carefully selected so you only get to buy the best organic extra virgin olive oil in the market.