Early harvest olive oil

Early harvest olive oil or Premium olive oil, is considered the most high quality olive oil. Made from a careful selection of the best green olives (purple color in passes from green to black), which are collected at the optimum ripeness and transported to the mill in a minimum time. The olive oil elaborated with olives harvested in early dates stand out for their fruity aroma. In the palate, bitter, fresh and spicy.

Buy early harvest olive oil, the most high quality olive oil

It is a special product, partly because of its difficult production. First because the olives are more complicated to fall from the tree, and we need to use a specific tool. Second, because the olives are harder to extract oil. It is said that to produce a liter of olive oil you need at least eight kilograms of early harvested olives. If we talk about ripe olives, we only need four or five kilograms.

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