Esencia del Sur can 3 l. Box 4 units.
Esencia del Sur can 3 l. Box 4 units.

Esencia del Sur can 3 l. Box 4 units.

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Monovarietal olive oil from picual variety developed in Torredelcampo (Jaén). Mechanically extracted cold from olives harvested at optimum ripeness. This results in a fruity oil, fresh and fragrant, with high stability and high oleic oil content.


 Esencia del Sur Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Esencia del Sur olive oil is a fruity EVOO of medium intensity, made with olives of the picual variety harvested in the months of November and December.

It is an olive oil especially recommended for daily cooking, very versatile. Ideal for all kinds of uses, also standing out for its excellent quality-price ratio.


Torredelcampo (Jaén)

 Olive variety

Monovarietal Picual olive. Acidity: 0,5º.

 Tasting notes

Its color ranges from green to yellow-green. It has a fruity, fresh and fragrant flavor in which we perceive a medium bitterness and an intense taste of fresh olives that leaves a lingering aftertaste.


The harvesting takes place between the months of November and December. The harvesters only pick the olives at their optimum ripeness. Once at the mill, the classic three-phase juice extraction system is used: This is the Molienda Grinding and Extraction process that takes place at room temperature to preserve its organoleptic properties.

 Recommended uses

We recommend Esencia del Sur olive oil for all kinds of uses in the daily kitchen, stewing, frying, preserving food in oil and of course also recommended for its use in raw, either its application in cold, warm or hot food, its intensity power the taste of hams, cured meats, sausages and cheeses.

We can also enjoy it in salads, salmorejos and toasts. Especially recommended for frying, due to its high resistance to oxidation.


Oleocampo S.C.A.


Olive variety
3 litres
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