Eco Vizcántar glass bottle 750 ml. Box 12 units.
Eco Vizcántar glass bottle 750 ml. Box 12 units.

Paté of olives Eco Vizcántar jar 220 gr. Box 12 units.

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Extra virgin olive oil ecologically produced with the Priego de Córdoba certificate of origin (D.O.). This is an oil from the harvesting of picudo, hojiblanca and picual olives. Medium fruity with notes of fig and almond, and a balanced flavour between spicy, sweet and tart.



Priego de Córdoba, Andalucia.

Olive variety:

Organic oil. Blend of picual, hojiblanca an picudo olives. Acidity 0,3º.

Tasting notes:

An oil with a golden green colour, fruity between green and ripe, with notes of fig and olive. A flavour balanced between spicy, sweet and tart.


This is an oil obtained exclusively from olives from ecologically farmed olive trees. Gathering is done according to the grade of maturity of each variety and only of olives selected form the tree itself and not from the ground. Once they have been transported to the olive mill, they are pressed immediately to avoid any damage. Then the pulp is ground at ambient temperature so that it can be decanted mechanically in two stages. When the solid is separated from the liquid, the oil is stored in underground containers to avoid the light, high temperatures and contact with the air.


Aceites Vizcántar.


Glass bottle
Designation of origin
D.O. Priego de Córdoba
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