Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar PICUAL can 500 ml. Box 12 units.
Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar PICUAL can 500 ml. Box 12 units.

Oro Bailen Reserva Familiar PICUAL can 500 ml. Box 12 units.

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Extra virgin olive oil made 100% from the picual olive variety, with a very marked personality, but without any doubt the most outstanding quality is their harmony, a perfect conjunction between fruity, bitter and spicy.

Oro Bailén is bottled, every month and according to the demand, in tinted glass and tin to protect it from photooxidation. Considered one of the best olive oils in the world.


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Oro Bailén Reserva Familiar picual is a unique oil with a very marked personality, where its harmony stands out, a perfect combination of fruity, bitter and spicy.

One of the most awarded oils in the world, an international benchmark for its excellent quality.


Jaén, Andalusia.

 Olive Variety

Monovarietal picual. Acidity of 0,12 º.

 Tasting Notes

ORO BAILEN Family Reserve has an intense and complex green fruit, where clear aromas of tomato (characteristic aroma of the picual variety), apple, newly cut grass, green banana, green almond… may all be appreciated and there is no doubt that this oil is marked by its bitter- spicy balance, leaving a feeling of freshness in the mouth.

 Olive oil production

It is obtained from  Picual olives at his optimum ripeness, in the beginning of October. Cold extraction with temperatures below 21ºC . The oil obtained is selected, classified and filtered to be stored immediately, clean and without humidity and impurities. For optimum conservation is blanketed with nitrogen.


Recomended to be used raw, either applied onto cold, warm or hot food, such as for example: salads, bread and oil, carpaccios, vegetables, steamed, grilled, baked or roast fish or meat, but obviously afterwards to ensure that all the raw oil’s phenolic compounds (causing the aroma) to arise in contact with the hot food and allow us to enjoy the oil as another piece of food forming the dish.


Oro Bailén

Olive variety
500 ml.
Early harvest
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