How to use olive oil to lose weight

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Would you like to lose weight? Does it seem impossible? There are some natural products that can help you achieve your goals and are also good for your health. Know more about the properties of olive oil to lose weight and take advantage of your olive oil

It is no secret that our liquid gold is very beneficial for the health of people. But its properties still go much further. Did you know that olive oil also serves to lose weight? That is why health and nutrition professionals recommend consuming it daily.

Olive oil is good for cardiovascular health, takes care of your brain preventing mental deterioration and Alzheimer's disease, relieves pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect. Strengthens your immune system and is an elixir of beauty. But in addition, it also serves olive oil to lose weight. If you want to know more about all the wonderful properties that olive oil has, in our blog we tell you more.

And it is for all these properties that our liquid gold is a fundamental element of our culinary culture. It has been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries. On the website of the Mediterranean Diet Foundation you can check that olive oil is the first commandment of the decalogue of the foundation. They give it a primordial role for all the benefits it brings to the health of people, as well as the property of olive oil for weight loss.

So you can consider olive oil as a natural medicine. A delicious elixir that heals the body and the soul. A remedy that also helps you to lose those extra kilos, because the properties of olive oil to lose weight are incredibly powerful.

Use olive oil to lose weight

7 ways to use olive oil for weight loss

Olive oil is “the best friend” you can have in the kitchen. It is the perfect companion for all kinds of food and you can add it in any culinary preparation. But if you are interested in losing a few extra kilos, here are 7 ways to use olive oil to lose weight.

Olive oil with lemon

One way to use olive oil to lose weight is to combine it with lemon. One of the most powerful remedies that exist to purify and eliminate toxins from your body. Lemon contains, in addition to vitamin C, hesperidin. A flavonoid that contributes to improve the function of lymphatic drainage and, with it, the retention of liquids. Take an olive oil juice with half a lemon at breakfast and you will see how your figure is improving little by little. So we can say that the combination of olive oil and lemon will help uou to lose weight

Olive oil with lemon to lose weight

Olive oil with ginger

Ginger is a root that, when ingested, produces a thermogenic effect in the body. Ginger is able to activate your nervous system and, as a consequence, activate all processes that produce energy (which also supplies fat). That is, ginger is a natural fat burner. 

Another excellent way to use extra virgin olive oil for weight loss. Add some ginger and olive oil to dress your salads and you'll see how fat is reduced in a short time.

Olive oil with salt and cucumber

Good weather is synonymous with lots of fruit and vegetables. And among them are the cucumbers. Delicious and very refreshing. A food that helps you lose those extra pounds. Its high water content makes it have a low amount of calories. In addition, cucumber contains a lot of fiber that helps eliminate toxins from the body. Add a pinch of salt and olive oil to a couple of cucumbers and you will get a great starter that will help you lose weight. Do you think there is a better way to use olive oil to lose weight?

Olive oil together with cayenne pepper

Although it may not seem like it, cayenne pepper is a digestive stimulant. This spice stimulates the production of juices and gastric enzymes that digest the food you eat, eliminating the toxins that are generated in your body. It also speeds up metabolism and fat burning.

A trick to take cayenne pepper is to put a couple of them in a glass bottle with olive oil to flavor your dishes. You will see how cayenne pepper serves you along with olive oil to lose weight. Remember that it is important to know how to preserve olive oil.

Olive oil for weight loss

Olive oil in your smoothies to detoxify and reduce weight

Detoxifying green shakes to reduce weight have become fashionable. And with good reason. They are a time bomb against the body's fat and toxins. Full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that help keep your weight at bay. But you can enhance its power much more, and especially the flavor of these shakes, adding a little olive oil. So you will have another way to use olive oil to lose weight.

Olive oil with balsamic vinegar

There can not be a better mix than olive oil with balsamic vinegar. Both products perfectly combine their exquisite flavors. With them you will create a culinary elixir that will maximize the flavor of your dishes.

But in addition to all this, the balsamic vinegar served together with the olive oil to lose weight, did you know? This type of vinegar has very few calories and, among its many nutrients, potassium stands out. A diuretic mineral that eliminates toxins from the body.

One tablespoon of olive oil to weight loss (each meal)

Cooking with olive oil maximizes the flavors of food. Whether raw or cooked, the best ally you can have in the kitchen is olive oil. Experts in nutrition and health advise using one tablespoon of olive oil in each meal. Remember that it is a fat and, although it is the healthiest, it has its percentage of calories. Therefore, you must consume just those that are necessary. If you want to use olive oil to lose weight, do not overdo it.

Olive oil is good to lose weight

Tips to use olive oil to lose weight in your diet

What do you think of these different ways of using olive oil to lose weight? Delicious and easy to incorporate into your day to day, right? But these 7 ways are not the only ones that exist. You can use olive oil in many other culinary remedies and enhance its slimming properties.

Remember these tips if you want to lose a few extra kilos:

- Do not consume more than one tablespoon of olive oil in each meal.

- The amount of calories you should consume per day are between 2000 and 2500 kcal.

 - It is important that you drink more than two liters of water.

 - Do not eat precooked foods.

 - Try to reduce the consumption of sugar to the maximum.

 - Decrease the amount of salt in your meals as much as you can.

 - Use extra virgin olive oil to dress your salads.

What are the main benefits of olive oil to lose weight?

There are many properties of olive oil for weight loss. And all of them are scientifically proven.

Olive oil helps you speed up your metabolism and eliminate unhealthy fats. In addition, its oleic acid reduces the appetite sensation and, therefore, the need to eat in quantity. It also favors intestinal transit being a good ally against constipation.

Other benefits that help in a thinning process are having a strong immune system and the secretion of serotonin (the hormone of happiness and sleep) which also influences the digestive process.

Olive oil is the best ally you can have if you want to take off those extra kilos. All experts in health and nutrition agree. Olive oil, in addition to providing numerous benefits for your health, helps maintain an ideal weight. And if you combine it with any of the 7 ways we have proposed, it will greatly enhance the use of olive oil to lose weight.

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