Frying with olive oil

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We can not deny that almost everyone loves fried foods. While we consumed them without excess, and fry with good quality olive oil, the fried dishes are very healthy. Otherwise, why else have they been cooked generation after generation? Learn more about how to fry with olive oil

But, although fried foods are not considered gourmet dishes, their preparation demands a series of culinary requirements. The main one is: do not use any vegetable oil to cook them. The best option is to fry with extra virgin olive oil and in Oliva del Sur we tell you the reasons. 

Which vegetable oil is best for frying?

When we are in the supermarket in the aisle of vegetable oils, we find oils of different kinds before us. We tend to fall into the temptation of taking low quality oils that do not have great nutritional properties (such as sunflower oil, seed oil or refined olive oil) because, in addition, they are usually cheaper. 

We think: "Total, if it's just for frying". But you must consider that not only will you fry the food, you will also eat it, which will give you a series of benefits or damages depending on the nutritional quality of the oil. 

Do you know how to fry with olive oil?

Frying is an art. And as such, you have to know how to do it well. If you want to suck your fingers with fried ones that are well made and with delicious flavor, these have to be crispy on the outside and cooked on the inside. The secret to achieving this is frying at high temperatures. And only a quality olive oil ensures you to stand in perfect conditions such temperatures.

olive oil for frying

Reasons for frying with olive oil

Have you ever noticed in a bar or restaurant that the plate of fried foods you ordered was not good and, to top it off, it made you feel sick to your stomach? Surely yes. In these establishments, frying is often done with low-quality vegetable oils that, moreover, are not replenished as usual. The only thing that contributes this way of cooking is to ingest trans fats and toxins (unhealthy) and lose the pleasure caused by eating a delicious fried dish.                              

Frying with olive oil has many more advantages:

- It is the only oil able to withstand high temperatures, up to 180º C, without decomposing or losing its nutritional properties.

- Frying at high temperatures causes a crunchy layer on the outside of the food to isolate the inside.

- This causes the food to cook faster, losing less nutrients.

- In addition, the crispy layer ensures that the inside of the fried does not absorb so much fat and thus increases the calories of the food.

- Olive oil enhances the flavors of food.

- The stability of olive oil against high temperatures means that it can be reused more times, favoring economic savings.

- Following this line, olive oil increases its size when heated, so that less oil is needed for frying.

- And the most important reason: to consume olive oil is health. Numerous scientific studies have shown this and in Oliva del Sur we have already told you about the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Who can say no to delicious croquettes of ham, squid to the Andalusian, a fried fish dish or dipping bread in delicious fried eggs with potatoes? It is impossible ... What is in your power is frying with olive oil these traditional dishes that are part of our Mediterranean diet.                                                                                                                                                                                                             


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