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Are you looking for a premium quality olive oil? Without a doubt, Olibaeza olive oil will not leave you indifferent and will give your recipes that special touch that you are looking for.

This olive oil has a long history in the sector, since 1951 El Alcázar Cooperative located in Baeza (a World Heritage city) has been preparing these excellent olive oils with care and dedication.

Over time this cooperative has become one of the most important in the province of Jaén, producing more than 10,500,000 kilos of olive oil.

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Olibaeza olive oil: Characteristics and properties

If Olibaeza olive oils are characterized in something, it is in their quality, the result of careful work from the first flower of the olive tree until it reaches the table of those who have the pleasure of tasting it.

Olibaeza olive oil is early harvest, so its production begins in the months of October and November. The olive harvest is made based on mechanical processes.

These EVOOs are very balanced, highlighting their herbal notes of fresh grass, tomato and artichoke. A pleasure suitable for the most demanding palates.

Olibaeza olive oil varieties: Characteristics and properties

Cooperativa El Alcázar works mainly with two types of olives: Picual and Arbequina. So its range of oils adapts very well to different recipes and consumer tastes.

Olibaeza Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the nose it presents a great olfactory complexity, being its medium-intense fruity. Its herbal aromas are combined with other sweeter ones reminiscent of apple, mango, green banana and almond.

In the mouth it has a balanced flavor in which you can appreciate light bitter and spicy touches.

Olibaeza picual olive oil is excellent for frying as it is very resistant to oxidation, although it should be noted that it is the perfect complement to sausages, cured meats, hams and cheeses.

Olibaeza Premium Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For the most demanding palates, the cooperative has an early harvest premium edition whose exquisite flavor will add a magical touch to your recipes.

Experts place this EVOO among the best oils in the world, which is why it has received awards such as Mario Solinas 2019 or the gold medal in Los Angeles as the best Picual.

It is ideal to consume it raw to taste all its nuances in fish, sauces or emulsions.

Olibaeza Arbequina extra virgin olive oil

Although its production is quite scarce, sometimes we have the Arbequina from the cooperative.

In this EVOO, its ripe green olive notes stand out, highlighting its aromas of banana, almond and grape.

In the mouth it is smooth and fluid, leaving a slight itch in the throat.

This olibaeza oil is ideal for salads and to make different desserts or pastries.

A real treat for those who bet on delicate flavors.

Olibaeza jam

The Alcázar Cooperative has within its range of gourmet products this perfect jam to accompany different dishes of red meat and cheese.It is made with Picual olive oil and in the mouth it produces an authentic explosion of sweet flavors and intense olive oil reminiscent of the flavors of yesteryear.