8 things to avoid in the use of olive oil

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Olive oil is an essential part of any Spanish cuisine, just like salt or pepper. We use them daily, it is almost impossible to eat something at home without it. That is why we must know as much as possible their qualities and also their needs. Yes, a product as special as olive oil also needs special treatment. In this post we explain how to use olive oil at home and most important, the 8 things to avoid in the use of olive oil, keep reading...


We know many things about olive oil: it is very healthy, it is very good, that the great majority is produced in Spain ... However, when we are asked about varieties, we do not usually know them, even if there are many. If we know the varieties, as well as their qualities, we will know how to use each oil properly, in the right situation, and avoid making the following comun mistakes in the use of olive oil.  

1. Skip the different types of olive oil: if we obviate the different varieties of the product, we will incur the error of loss of money and waste. There is not that much difference in price between an extra virgin premium oil and a common one. If we know the varieties, we can acquire according to what suits us. For example, if we want to use it for cooking, the best will be a common average quality, but to take it raw, we have a wide variety of premium oils according to our tastes.  

2. Place the bottle of olive oil near hot places and spices: the oil should be kept all year in a cool and dry place (away from stoves and sun rays), and if possible isolated from our spices. The reason is that, when heated, it can lose its properties and benefits; On the other hand, being in a closed place with different spices, can lose part of its aroma.  

3. To think that there is "the best olive oil in the world": of course, there are olive oils better than others: the extra virgin is the best, and within this variety we will find some of higher quality than others. However, for me the best olive oil can be one and for you another, there is no mistake in this; Everything will depend on our tastes.  

4. Use the good quality olive oil for cooking: we can never ever make the mistake of frying popcorn or the like with our best extra virgin olive oil. We should leave it for uses such as eating raw in salads or soups. 

5. Use the same olive oil for everything: having at home more than one variety of olive oil is not from rich people. Having variety, we will not make the mistake of wasting our best oil for frying and other banal uses like stews, but we will use an oil that is of lower quality and is suitable for these uses. 

6. Cook the olive oil at high temperature: if we use the olive oil in our pan, it will be better to put the fire low, to avoid the mistake of wasting its properties.  

7. Buy large quantities of olive oil that will not be consumed soon: experts say that the bottle of olive oil should be consumed in a maximum of eight weeks, so that it does not lose its qualities.  

8. Do not look at the label: on the label we can find a lot of useful information to distinguish one oil from another: the olive from where it comes, the percentage of refinement (to have), the dates of packaging and expiration, saturated fats And natural, etc. All this is the key to understanding what is the best oil for our needs.  

If you have any doubt about how to use olive oil at home, plase do not hesitate to contact us, we are always available to answer your questions and help you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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