10 olive oil benefits you must know

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Olive oil is one of the treasures of our national culture here in Spain, but apart from its rich flavor, do you know the olive oil benefits? Discover the benefits of our precious liquid gold in the following post.

Olive oil properties have turned this food product into something more than a simple ingredient to add to the diet of people. Its consumption is so popular in the Mediterranean area that no one doubts the benefits it brings to our health. As they say today, buying extra virgin olive oil is investing in health. Therefore, doctors recommend consuming it daily.

Spain is the second country with the highest life expectancy in the world. Will olive oil have something to do with it? You can bet yes! The olive oil properties lengthen your life because they prevent many diseases, increase defenses and make you have a better physical appearance.

In addition, history gives us the reason. Our liquid gold has always been one of the basic products in the Mediterranean diet. Along with the bread and wine, has never been missing in any kitchen and no toilet for millennia. Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians, Phoenicians ... all the cultures of the past realized that the properties of olive oil were many and very healthy.

Therefore, this food product has been highly coveted since antiquity to the point that, who dominated the olive oil trade, had money and power. The truth is that olive oil has a very interesting history.

But we are going to what concerns us: to know more about the olive oil benefits. Undoubtedly, something that will make you appreciate even more this delicious healthy product, able to enhance the flavors of any dish.

Olive oil health benefits

It is no secret to anyone that olive oil is good for health. Numerous scientific studies have shown the multiple olive oil health benefits.

Unfortunately, in the current market, you will find different qualities of olive oil. You must bear in mind that the higher the quality, the better the properties of the olive oil are preserved. So it's important that you look closely at the product labels. In our blog you will find more information about the different types of olive oils that exist depending on their quality.

Among the olive oil benefits we can find the following.

Olive oil decreases the risk of blood pressure

Blood pressure is the force exerted by the heart in the arteries so that blood can reach all corners of your body. But the excess of this pressure (hypertension) is harmful to health. Vasodilation is one of the olive oil properties, the ability to widen the arteries thus decreasing pressure and improving blood flow. 

Helps prevent mental deterioration with olive oil

Among other olive oil properties is to delay aging. The antioxidant components of our liquid gold are able to prevent cellular oxidation (including neurons). Delaying oxidative stress of cells is very important to prevent mental deterioration and Alzheimer's disease.

Strengthens the immune system by taking olive oil

The immune system serves to detect and eliminate harmful particles that affect our health, so it is essential that you always have it in good shape. Another property of olive oil is to contribute to the increase of the immune cells of your body. Consume olive oil daily and you will be stronger against diseases.

Olive oil properties

Use olive oil to lose weight

You will be surprised to know that olive oil also serves to lose weight. The oil is a fat, nutrient that we need to eat daily. But you have to be careful because not all fats are good. However, olive oil is! In addition, a tablespoon of olive oil contains only 40 calories, ideal to consume fat daily without adding too many calories. And, very important, this food increases the feeling of fullness.

Olive oil relieves pain

Did you know that olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties? Like ibuprofen, our liquid gold relieves pain. Specifically, the anti-inflammatory action is found in the components that generate the itching of the oil. The more guttural itch the oil leaves you, the greater amount of anti-inflammatory properties it will have. 

Olive oil is beneficial for weak hair, skin and nails

The amount of new cosmetic products with olive oil that appear day after day shows that this food product is beneficial for hair, skin and nails. One of the olive oil properties is the antioxidant power it has. If you want to have a fabulous physical appearance, do not miss your diet any day.

Take care of your heart and help prevent it from diseases with olive oil

The best friend of the heart is olive oil. Your daily consumption will help you to prevent from coronary heart disease because the nutritional composition of the oil has a protective effect. Some data suggest that olive oil reduces the risk of cardiac death by 30%. You better not get separated from him!

Olive oil is good for health

Olive oil is the perfect ally for stomach problems

If you suffer from stomach problems, in our liquid gold you will find your best ally. One of the olive oil benefits is to eliminate the bacteria that cause ulcers in the stomach. All thanks to the polyphenols it contains. In addition, olive oil also has the power to reduce gastric acidity. 

Olive oil is depurative and detoxifying if you mix it with lemon

And now, we're going to unveil an ancient secret. If you take a glass of warm water, olive oil and lemon on an empty stomach, you will see how your intestinal transit regulates, improves fluid retention and cleanses your liver and gallbladder. Here is another of the wonderful olive oil benefits, eliminates harmful toxins from your body.

Olive oil helps regulate cholesterol and triglycerides

Finally, one of the olive oil health benefits best known is the ability to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase HDL (good) cholesterol. Why? For its nutritional properties. By increasing good cholesterol, it more easily pulls bad cholesterol into the liver. And there it will end up being eliminated. In addition, olive oil also keeps triglycerides at bay, another type of fat that we have running through the blood and, just as with cholesterol, its excess is harmful to your health.

You knew that olive oil was good for your health, but now you know exactly the reasons for it. At Oliva del Sur we care about your health. And we want to make it easy for you to consume olive oil daily, that's why we always offer you the best selection of Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Contact us if you need advice, we will help you in everything you need. Remember: add olive oil to your life and gain health!


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