The olive grove and the environment

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Olive grove and environment are two concepts that are associated together more and more frequently. And the reasons for that are very powerful. It is no secret that olive oil has great benefits for people's health but, which is not as well known, is much more. Do you know that the olive grove is a great ally of the environment that helps reduce the carbon footprint?

The negative impact of the industrial sector on the environment

Unfortunately, our planet stays every day with less forest mass. The forests that are disappearing are very important because they help reduce the carbon footprint and pollution levels that, unlike the forest mass, go more and more. 

The carbon footprint is an indicator that accounts for the total emission of greenhouse gases during the life cycle of a functional unit: this is a person, animal, organization, event or product. 

So, any industrial activity emits CO2. And proof of this are the miles we see in a large smoky newspaper, large cities covered in dark and dense fog, or passers-by walking with white masks through gray streets full of traffic. 

The olive grove against climate change

However, the agri-food industry helps reduce the undesirable carbon footprint. And in particular, the olive sector reduces pollution in significant quantities. This is a laboratory scientifically, other research has highlighted that the cultivation of olive trees have very positive effects on the environment, becoming an important in the fight against climate change. 

Let's see concrete figures. The production process of a liter of olive oil emits up to 2.5 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. But an olive tree can make the air disappear up to 25 kg of this harmful gas. Hence the growing importance that the olive oil industry is taking, not only for the healthy benefits that the product brings to people, but also for the capacity of its production process to combat pollution. 

Spanish olive oil, brand of excellence

The consumer is increasingly aware of the environmental problems generated by production processes. And for this reason, the environmental impact of a product influences both the purchase decision as well as the quality or the price. In this sense, the Spanish olive industry has the battle won because the consumption of olive oil is synonymous with quality and environmental awareness. 

The Andalusian olive grove, patrimony of the humanity

In Andalusia they know well the association olive and environment. A land that loves the olive tree and all that nature offers The green sea that begins in Jaén and extends through the rest of the Andalusian territory is a hallmark of identity. 

Do you know that only in Jaén there are 66 million olive trees? For this reason, from the province of Jaén, the candidature of the Landscape of the Andalusian Olive Grove for the World Heritage of UNESCO has been initiated, because it is a unique heritage in the world and deserves to be recognized. 

Ten Andalusian olive groves form the whole of the candidacy, the Baezano olive grove that Antonio Machado loved so much. A landscape that the poet wanted to immortalize in his verses: "Campo de Baeza, I will dream of you when I do not see you!". 

You no longer have one, you have two good reasons to consume olive oil: take care of your health and fight against climate change. If you want the best selection of Spanish olive oils, you will find it in Oliva del Sur.                                                                                                                                          


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