Aceite Ermita del Ara

Very grateful to the past, living in the present and always looking to the future, the Soto Maesso family has turned the business legacy of oil production into what is today its brand: Ermita del Ara.

In the Extremadura foothills of Sierra Morena, near the town of Fuente del Arco, is the farm, Lara, which is home to a sea of centuries-old olive trees.

Its objectives include the production of a premium oil of the highest quality, as well as the enhancement and development of two little-known indigenous olive varieties such as Picolimón and Azulejo.

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The quality of its oils is born in the field, as each olive tree is cared for throughout the year through the systematic application of sustainable cultivation: respecting the integrity of the environment, preserving the fertility of the soil, optimizing its natural properties and excluding without exception the use of synthetic chemicals.

The harvest is carried out during the veraison, beautiful and brief manifestation of the change of Nature, when the olives change their color from green to purple, their organoleptic qualities explode and they concentrate the greatest nutritional wealth in their bosom. Finally, only those that remain on the tree are used, disregarding all the falls to the ground, to take nothing more than the healthy ones to the oil mill.